Non Profit Corporations

Congratulations on your nonprofit business!  Operating a business, is not an easy task;  and for you, you’ve decided that you’re passionate about a cause and want to help with change.  First things first, make sure you understand the rules to maintain your nonprofit status with the IRS as well as your local agencies.

  • IRS rules for charities and nonprofits

Now, your nonprofit is set up and you want to start making a difference, but you are lacking in funds – where do you start?  Your first thoughts may be grant money, but grant money money is not as easily attainable as you might think; especially if you have yet to build up a reputation.  Start aligning yourself with organization with like cause as yours; partner with these organizations to help you find grants and get funds.


You can also start fundraising.  There are various different ways to fundraise.  Register with these sites to start raising funds for your nonprofit (this list, or any other list, is in no way exhaustive; there are many companies offering fundraiser opportunities to nonprofits.  These lists were creating as a start for you):


In-Kind donations for your nonprofit is another way assist with materials and supplies.  Create a needs list, and get started requesting these donations today.

  • TechSoup – This is a fee-based website offering nonprofits discounts on technology from leading brands. Low administrative fees.
  • Good360 – This Retail Donation Partnership (RDP) program, matches your organization with a local retailer to receive donations which can be used in your community.
  • Donation Match – This is a matchmaking site that streamlines the in-kind donation and sponsorship process for nonprofit event leaders.




If you are looking for volunteers for your organization: